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Haleem Ghar : A house of taste

Haleem Ghar History

Hardwork always pays you off, and efforts never go useless. We have learnt it in reality through our graniz words and seen it in her sparkling eyes. Since 1987, when the foundation of Haleem Ghar was laid down through a small cart, we kept moving ahead with a passion that was to take our ancestor's dream and effort to the moon.

The main objective of Haleem Ghar is to provide our guests and customers with the healthiest of traditional foods. We started with Haleem as our main speciality but now we have many other Pakistani and South Indian specialities to tentalize your taste buds and provide you with the best taste in town.

Haleem Ghar'mission is to provide its people with the healthy and nutritious tasty food because there is no compromise on health. We select the best meat under our own observation, best unsaturated oil, fresh grains and legumes, best basmati rice, and fresh aromatic spices to make our people celebrate the love for food.

We are on our way to serve you with the best, nutitious, healthy and delicious food that will always inspire you to come to your own ghar, that is Haleem Ghar.