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For thousands of years, people throughout Southeast Asia, and many other Asian countries, have been using fresh spices and natural ingredients for various healing benefits. They cook these ingredients using a slow and measured approach taking great care in the process. The art of cooking has become a philosophy one that has been lost in the fast-paced nature of Western cultures. At Haleem Ghar, we take food to a whole new level with our healthy cooking approach and techniques. We have adopted some techniques from the old philosophies and believe that cooking food must be done slowly and deliberately. If another Pakistani restaurant tells you they just cooked your lentils from scratch and are serving them to you made-to-order, you might want to question them. It takes a long time to prepare Haleem Ghar food and it must be done with passion. We have analyzed our cooking times and processes to ensure the proper preparation and cooking times, the same way you would cook for yourself at home. Our food is always made from scratch with no preservatives or artificial flavours and most importantly, we have done all this and still been able to completely remove the traditional ghee, heavy creams, and oils with trans fats, while maintaining our own unique great flavours. With our natural ingredients and fresh-milled spices, you can enjoy a guilt-free meal that is quick, easy, affordable, and delicious.